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GIS (Geographic Information Systems) data allows you to determine how different sections of the population compare to each other in a number of categories. You can focus your sights on large portions of a population such as an entire state, or you can concentrate on smaller sections such as census blocks. At GeoLytics, we have created a series of affordable software products that enable you to study thousands of variables within a population that can give you a full understanding of everything from age percentages in a population to current consumer purchasing trends.

Our 2000 Census Reference Package includes all of the data sets from the 2000 Census that we have on CD or DVD. It also includes the long form of census reports from 1970, 1980, and 1990. We are, in fact, the only source for 1970 census materials that feature data down to the census tract.

The materials we provide allow you to do more than just crunch numbers. With a few clicks on the keyboard, you can create detailed thematic maps, custom reports, or new demographic variables. You can study past trends and apply them to a population's current situation, or even expand the study to include an outlook on the future.

The range of products we offer can provide businesses and organizations in almost every field with crucial marketing and research materials. Our normalized data tools allow you to account for demographic and geographic changes that occur in between censuses, so you can always work with accurate information. Order online, or call 1-800-577-6717 to let us find the GIS data product that will work best for you.

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